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Time to raise the curtain…

Good grief. I can’t get enough of these Muppet Show music covers.

(By pdphoto [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons)

A couple of my TV news peeps posted this awesome music video of the Muppet Show theme song by OK Go. It’s from the new album, “Muppets: The Green Album.” It features classic Muppet tunes covered by fantastic musicians.

What are your favorite Muppet Show memories?

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Being Green

Kermit in Mumbai-10

All Songs Considered introduced me to this adorable cover of Kermit’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” I fell in love with Kermit’s ballad when I used to be a college radio DJ. It’s a sweet song with a lot of heart.

Andrew Bird is also an incredibly talented whistler.

I saw Andrew Bird opening for Death Cab for Cutie at the Greek Theater. It was a great night for live music in Berkeley!
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Away he goes…

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It’s funny to see the major screw-up in this live shot in San Diego.

Also funny – the anchors reaction on the desk. They gave up reading the prompter and gave in to the giggles.

I can only imagine how their producer felt in the control booth. I can imagine her banging her head on the desk. Or, laughing along with them.
Andre In the Control Booth

And check out this outrageous reaction to a Long Island reporter doing her job.

Finally, one more funny video from my Sacramento colleague.

I told him it was funny and I’m happy he didn’t pull this on me when I was in the control booth.

Bridge Music

I had this song playing over and over in my head as I wandered around St. Petersburg last year.
I watched a trailer for “Eat Pray Love.” It had this song in the background. Then I read the book in my hotel room, after my classes in Russia. Something about the beat and the simple lyrics worked with walking over the Neva River.

Now, it’s my favorite tune to listen to as I drive over the Bay Bridge.

Fun with the Green Screen

On TV Spy – I stumbled on this kooky video that shows Tom Hanks playing weatherman.

Midlife crisis?

Here’s how I have fun in front of a green screen. We used this cute guy for a science demo by our meteorologist in Sacramento.
Fun times inside the weather center
Good times!

When Wildcats were Wildcats

My alma mater had one of the coolest commencement speakers. Ever.

I stumbled on last weekend’s event from Colin Hanks’ blog. I suspect everyone stayed awake for Stephen Colbert’s speech.
Reception for the Medill Graduation

Colbert also calls out our alma mater for a “Snow Day.” Sure, he may have survived the coldest day in Chicago’s history. However, he didn’t have to do a public records scavenger hunt on the coldest day of the year. That was brutal!
Freezing in Chicago, 2004.

Flare in Newark

The bar inside Nijo Castle in Newark serves up tasty sushi and cocktails. On the weekends, crooners show off their ballad skills for Karaoke night.
Sushi Rolls
On some nights, you can catch a bartender showing off his flare.

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ET, Watch Out!

Running around with kids, cameras and monster make-up…I found out about Super 8 thanks to an episode of the AV Club.

Set in Roswell, the J.J. Abrams film follows kids who were making a movie. Then they stumble onto a bigger story. It’s a great trailer. It could be a great summer flick.