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Away he goes…

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It’s funny to see the major screw-up in this live shot in San Diego.

Also funny – the anchors reaction on the desk. They gave up reading the prompter and gave in to the giggles.

I can only imagine how their producer felt in the control booth. I can imagine her banging her head on the desk. Or, laughing along with them.
Andre In the Control Booth

And check out this outrageous reaction to a Long Island reporter doing her job.

Finally, one more funny video from my Sacramento colleague.

I told him it was funny and I’m happy he didn’t pull this on me when I was in the control booth.

Just A Small Town Girl

“…living in a lonely world.”
Ok – I’m not that lonely.

I still think of my hometown as a small one. I grew-up in Diamond Bar. It’s in East LA County, between the 57 and 60 Freeways. It’s a fine place to raise a family, with slight conservative leanings. I also dreamed about life beyond the suburbs. Eventually, I made that dream come true – living and working in Berkeley, Chicago, London and Washington, D.C.

Now, I’m trying to make a new dream a reality – living and working in wine country.

Dreaming of Wine Country

That’s one of the reasons why I applied for A Really Goode Job. I also enjoy playing with my multimedia tools and drinking wine. As the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent, I get to do both and more.

Want to see what happens when I combine editing, wine and allergy season?
Check out my blooper reel! These are just some of the clips that ended up on my digital editing floor.

Some Goode Bloopers from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Here’s what I used to make this video and my video application:

By the way, I turn 31 tomorrow. You know what would be an awesome present? A vote from you for me! If you have 20 seconds, please vote on my video application. It’s a two-step process. Murphy-Goode will send you an e-mail to confirm you’re a human being and they won’t spam you. Just click on the link and you’re golden.