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Slamming out scripts, answering newsroom calls

This week, I enjoyed breakfast as Patch local editors swapped tales and checked iPhone messages at That Bar in Danville for Happy Hour.

Breakfast Sliders
This is my kind of bar food. My hubby and I shared bacon, egg and jack cheddar cheese sliders. I wanted the eggs over easy so that the yolk would spill over the salty meat and bread. I used Choula to add a little kick to my hash browns. I used a couple of vodka 7-ups to wash away frayed nerves and endless worries.
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I Wanna Be Like Walt

Sad news about the death of the “Most Trusted Man in America.” My hubby said Walter Cronkite passed away while I was sleeping.


He lived an amazing life. His career highlights include Apollo 11, JFK’s assassination and the Vietnam War. He demanded excellence and integrity in the newsroom. I remember reading his scripts in J-School: succinct, sharp and no BS. I think he will continue to be an inspiration to all journalists.

RIP Walter Cronkite
[Image from NASA Remembers Walter Cronkite Slideshow]

CBS journalist Walter Cronkite gets a taste for moonwalking at the reduced gravity simulator at NASA’s Langley Research Center in August, 1968. – From NASA

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