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Paint it all silver

My birthday gift from my hubby: Flight of the Conchord tickets. Joy!

Waiting for Jermaine and Bret at the Greek Theater at Cal
Last night, we sat in the same seats I had for graduation at the Greek Theater and watch the New Zealand duo rock my world. Sure, most concerts at the Greek are about the music. Last night, it was all about entertaining the Cal crowd.

Binary Solo! from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Susan and Tom introduced us to this band via their self-titled HBO series. I remember listening to the soundtrack as we drove home from Vegas a few years ago. Either way, they were funny and I enjoyed their homages to all genres of music; from 70s space rock ala David Bowie to boomin’ raaga beats for the dance floor.

After opening up their show with “The Humans are Dead,” Bret and Jermaine tangled with classic tunes like “Beautiful Girl” and “Too Many Dicks (on the Dance Floor).” They also hit up some new tunes as well.

My favorite part of the evening: an encore with “Business Time.” You know what it means when Jermaine’s down to his socks….it’s Business Time. Ah yeah.

Winger Guarantee

One of the highlights of my week – interviewing Joel McHale and Ken Jeong from Community.
Back to School

Both are funny men and I totally fell in love with McHale’s brand of snarky humor on the Soup. (Who needs to watch all the crap on TV when McHale can some it up with a 5-second commentary on the Soup? I know!) Both also, nearly, hijacked my show as I was counting down my anchor to wrap up the interview. We needed to hit another time slot for the Today show update and they clearly wanted to keep chatting. If you watch the interview carefully, I think you can see my anchor flinch as she hears me in her ear…saying “WRAP!”

“You can keep talking to us…I don’t care. You don’t have important news to fill.” – Joel McHale to my anchor.

Thank God for funny interviews like these because next week will be hell for me in the newsroom.
2 weeks and 3 days left.

Another Stewart Smackdown

Once again, the Daily Show proves it’s not taking BS from anybody or any network.

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show
[from http://bethesignal.org]

Business news – still grim on all fronts – from the mortgage meltdown to the auto industry bailout. But at least the Daily Show finds a way to make us think and laugh about the situation, with timely soundbites and factoids.

“If I’d only followed CNBC’s advice, I’d have a million dollars today… Provided I’d started with $100 million.” – Jon Stewart

Just in Time

This weekend, the hubby and I thought about what we’d like to make for our Christmas meal. We also tried to figure out how Daisy could help…beyond cleaning up the food scraps on the floor. Tricky puppy!

Maybe I’ll try my hand at making lumpia. How hard can it be?

I wish I could spend this holiday with our families in Buffalo (it’s cold there) and in LA (it’s kind wet down there). However, somebody has to produce the 4:30 AM show on Christmas morning. I’m sure somebody will be up and watching, right?

Maybe we can go home for Christmas, next year. Besides, I managed to get time off for Thanksgiving. I’m happy for that blessing.

So for people who can’t go home for the holidays, there’s always the Balikbayan Box. My buddy on Facebook sent me this Happy Slip video. When I was younger, I remember my parents packing these big boxes with groceries, clothing and toys and sending them off with a family member flying back to Manila.

In this big box for Christmas
my family sent to me
Leftover soy sauce packets
Quaker oatmeal
Lots of chips
Dont forget sardines
And toys from happy meals

Watching Season 2 of the Conchords!

Viva la Weekend!
Celebrating my days off with a sneak peak @ the second season of Flight of the Conchords. I found out about it on defamer.com.

I’m getting used to watching my favorite shows online. I don’t have as many commercials to slog thru. Plus, I can watch the shows on my own time. Good times.

Cut a Hole in the Turkey

COVINA, CALIF — Home for the Holidays! I’m still waking up at 3 AM because my body’s still on overnight mode. It still feels so good to be back in home in So Cal with my family.

Thanksgiving 2004 in London
[Thanksgiving dinner in London 2004, with my Medill buddy Andrea, my mother-in-law Terri, and Mark’s cousin, Eileen]

My hubby and I always manage to celebrate this American holiday – whether we’re living in London or Topeka. When I accepted my first job in TV news, I knew I had to work on holidays that fell inside a sweeps period. When I found out Thanksgiving fell outside of the November sweeps period, I jumped at the chance to apply for vacation ’round that time.


So, enjoy this funny Justin Timberlake skit on SNL’s Weekend Edition. It’s all about what he’d do if he hosted the show’s Thanksgiving Edition.

Happy Turkey Day!

Another Key Endorsement

11 Days until the Presidential Election.

From http://www.hno.harvard.edu
[from the Harvard University Gazette]

I was tickled to see Will Ferrell back on SNL as the Commander in Chief. This opening skit for “Weekend Update Thursday” had me laughing my butt off today.

Ferrell’s impersonation will live beyond President Bush’s term. In January He’s opening a one-man act on Broadway: “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush.”

Good times!

A Dog’s View on the RNC

The Race for the White House is on!

We are less than a month away from the first Presidential debate. In the control booth, I had fun working with all our live reports from the DNC in Denver and the RNC in St. Paul…Keeping up with all the juicy sound bites and timing out my morning shows to hit the crazy satellite windows.

On the lighter side of politics: I was also taking predictions on whether Palin would wear her hair up in the tight, pinned-up locks or down, letting those lock hang freely. On the night of her big acceptance speech, the GOP Running Mate reached out to both sides of the aisle and styled her hair both up and down.

Good times.

Also good times: watching Conan O’Brien’s canine puppet correspondent report on the RNC action. I found this clip from Laughing Squid.

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