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Memories of the Bandwagon

Go Team USA! One week ago – I gave up on cautious hope and believed our team could go all the way to the World Cup finals.
OMG #USA! Rocking the #worldcup madness in Davis #fb
It was a wild ride. It was a bit stuffy inside the Graduate in Davis….but I knew I was in the best place to watch the match.

Still riding on a wave of patriotic athleticism, the Daily Show interviewed Team Captain Landon Donovan and coach Bob Bradley.

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Landon Donovan & Bob Bradley
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It’s a great conversation about the sport, the World Cup and the fans.


Ignore my beer belly.
My buddy and co-worker, Suzanne, shot me shooting all the amazing World Cup fans at the Graduate in Davis.
On Duty

Team USA did its best to take down Ghana in the so-called “Field of 16.”
And for one glorious moment – it looked like we had a chance of moving on to the next round.

This goal drove the crowd crazy! It was exhilarating to be one with all Americans – cheering, chanting and hoping for a miracle on the other side of the globe.

By 2:00 p.m. PST – Ghana knocks out USA: 2-1.

In the end: Bravo, Team USA.
And better luck next time.

One Dog Left Behind

Poor puppy!
Left Behind
I wonder if anybody noticed this little guy missing after visiting the Arboretum at U.C. Davis. I imagine his human buddy discovered his disappearance as soon as his parents buckled his seat belt for the ride home.

We wanted to visit the Arboretum after watching some of Huell Howser’s Road Trip on PBS. After I finished griping about Howser’s atrocious mic skills (seriously – it drove my nuts to hear such shoddy audio work on a supposedly professional program), we were delighted by the lush vegetation in this campus oasis.

We had to see it for ourselves.

On one of the last weekends of winter, we checked out the Arboretum. It was balmy afternoon and I snapped away at signs of Spring. Bright blossoms opened up their petals next to other sleeping plants. Students and families took advantage of the warm weather for picnics and outdoor study sessions.

I can’t wait to come back when everything is blooming 🙂

Game Night

Hot Games
One of my favorite memories from my skating days: listening to the Zamboni crunch ice and rolling the ball over my initials on Centipede. I felt like kicking some butt on the ice after I see “KIS” next to the highest score on the screen.

Guarding my blocky shooter and firing at the slithering centipede was one way I stayed warm between freestyle sessions.


I suppose I’m a child of the 80s. Last year, we had a blast at the Atari Game Night in Davis.

Now – I’m counting down to December and the opening weekend of Tron: Legacy.

I am totally excited about this remake. The trailer looks amazing. I’m also crossing my fingers. I hope it doesn’t destroy all the things that made the original movie awesome.

Fall Flavors 2009

Finally. December.

I’m trying to keep track of all the amazing food we sampled over the past few months. So far, I have tweeted several gourmet experiences. Now – I’ll try to sum up some of those dining adventures, beyond 140 characters.

We did a Thanksgiving Lunch at the Bistro in downtown Sonoma. I needed a relaxing afternoon after spending 10-plus hours in the newsroom. This Charcuterie plate had a lovely mix of foie gras, pork tartine and sausage. I loved spreading the rich foie on white bread.

Davis Dim Sum
We continue to head east for comfort food in Davis. I enjoy the handmade noodles from the Noodle House. I always order these dim sum plates as appetizers: pork BBQ buns and onion pancakes. These hearty flavors fill me up on a chilly autumn day or soothe my stomach after a night of drinking.

Chicken Fried Bacon
In Berkeley, we celebrated Scott’s birthday at T-Rex BBQ. I had to try the chicken-fried bacon. Crazy! A bit chewy and I managed to sample some hints of bacon goodness in this hor d’oeuvre.

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I Want to Play Video Games for a Living!

Funny, in Kansas – I played Nintendo Wii when it came out. Fally had some rockin’ game nights at her house in Lawrence. Wario Bros ruled!

Here in Cali, we kicked it old school with an Atari Game Night at the Davis Public Library.

Game Night

Bring on the 8-Bit Gaming Good Times! It was so cool to see gaming fans, young and old, play the OG versions of Frogger, Mario Bros and Centipede. I’m thankful I got to use the “roller” controller for Centipede. The joystick was hell on shooting down the roaming bugs!
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Lucky Birthday

Today, we wished Daisy a Happy Birthday! We sang to her and gave her a few slices of some birthday salami. Since she has a lucky b-day (8.8.08), we should probably buy some lottery tickets. We could use her dog tags to scratch off the numbers. Good times.

Today, she turns 3-years-old. That translates (roughly) to 28-years-old in human years.

But she’s still always be our cute puppy. I don’t think she knows how to act older. Sure, she has a mean streak, but that’s only because she wants to protect us. Other humans say she’s quite mellow at Camp and the Salon after we drop her off.

Toad Hollow, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Last weekend, we hanged out at the Toad Hollow Dog Park in Davis. It’s huge and sometimes, Daisy loses track of her humans. Her face lights up when she figures out where I’m standing in the park.

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