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Return to the De Young

It’s always a treat to visit Susan and Tom in San Francisco. This month, we explored some tasty food and some beautiful heart in Golden Gate Park.

Bacon Donuts
First, we needed some fuel for our museum field trip. Susan picked up bacon donuts. Yum! Sweet, savory and filling.

Passing By
We tried to visit the newly renovated California Academy of Science on a Sunday afternoon. Turns out to be a popular day for museum visitors. Before we bought tickets, one worker announced there were 5,000 people inside and all shows have been sold out. I didn’t relish the idea of sharing the space with a mob of families and tourists. So we checked out the De Young Museum instead.

It’s been almost a decade since my last visit and I was blown away by all the new upgrades. The De Young is still a beautiful, innovative space for so many different types of art. But now it’s bigger than I remember it.

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