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Photo Friday: Delicious!

Candles, roses and animal cards decorated the dining table for our anniversary dinner.

I loved the buttery wine sauce rendered from Jacques Pepin‘s Crusty Chicken. The chicken skin does all the work. Just let the birds cook in the skillet, with the skin side down.

Mark made lamb sausage couscous.

He also made bread pudding.
Bread Pudding

It was all delicious. Daisy wanted some test nibbles.

This my entry for this week’s Photo Friday theme: Delicious!

Slamming out scripts, answering newsroom calls

This week, I enjoyed breakfast as Patch local editors swapped tales and checked iPhone messages at That Bar in Danville for Happy Hour.

Breakfast Sliders
This is my kind of bar food. My hubby and I shared bacon, egg and jack cheddar cheese sliders. I wanted the eggs over easy so that the yolk would spill over the salty meat and bread. I used Choula to add a little kick to my hash browns. I used a couple of vodka 7-ups to wash away frayed nerves and endless worries.
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Coming up for air

Tug of the leash. Groan from the dog. Daisy always wants to run up to these fine-feathered visitors at Lake Elizabeth. I try to point out to her that her floppy ears won’t help her fly across the water. Plus, she’s not a fan of the water.
According to her dog camps in Kansas and Sacramento, she won’t dive into a wading pool. I try to reason with her but Daisy keeps tugging at her leash. Poor dog.
The lake is also my favorite place to clear my head and take a break from my new life as the Newark Patch editor.

To other people – I am the Patch Girl.

When I introduce myself and my community news site to Newark peeps, I see their mouths form into an “Ah.” I see a light of recognition in their eyes. Then I hear the phrase: “You’re the Patch Girl.”
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Juggling chainsaws

My 10 a.m. lectures and my walks by the Neva River seem like a dream away. Good thing I snapped a couple of pictures.

Moving on to life in the newsroom at 5 a.m.: Log onto computer…. scan website… scan AP/Bay City/ABC news wires…. update website…. tune into scanners… write news stories… grab video… make still captures… slideshows… update Twitter/Facebook/e-mail list serves…. kick ass.

Oh yeah – then produce the Midday news show.

No problem. Sounds like fun? Yes. Challenging? Of course.

Burning out? Maybe. But – it’s a fascinating job and I’m doing something different every day.

Most importantly, I’m not bored.

Chan Chan
My strategy for staying sane in the newsroom: good food with good friends.
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In My Belly: Exploring St. Petersburg flavors

ST. PETERSBURG – I need coffee in the morning. This has been true since my figure skating days and now on my early morning shifts in the newsroom.

The kitchenette and hot water pot in my hotel room have been a blessing on my two-week stay. I can start off my morning with a hot cup of coffee and a small breakfast of bread, sausage and cheese. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, but my morning ritual helped me survive my lectures.

I like grocery shopping in other countries. It’s always a treat to see what other folks eat outside of the tourist zone. In St. Petersburg, I have learned to skip the extra fee for a plastic bag and use my backpack for shopping.

After class, I treat myself to a culinary adventure.
Beef, white mushrooms and noodles
I enjoyed the savory sauce over the noodles, beef and white mushrooms at Terrassa.
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Five years later

MONTEREY BAY – Ten years ago, I visited Mark in Monterey Bay during his business trip. He was attending a conference at the Monterey Bay Conference Center.

This weekend, we’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Monterey Bay. This time, I’m writing lecture materials for my Russia trip inside the bar next to the conference center.

Both times, we managed to mix business and pleasure. I know I’m lucky to have a husband who understands my need to work on this special weekend. I know the importance of taking a break and enjoying the beautiful weather, wine and food in Monterey and beyond.

Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary
Ten years later, Mark is still surprising me. He set up a lovely anniversary dinner at Peppoli. It’s a classy Italian restaurant off 17 Mile Drive. We ended the evening with a decadent flourless chocolate cake and espresso gelato.

Driving more than 1400 miles

When you get older, leave your ordinary life behind and hit the open road.

Highway 1D in Mexico
I’m trying to get used to the fact that I’m officially in my 30s: married, working, domesticated and totally reliable. We have a good life in Cow Town and we have stable jobs. After a few bumps in the road, I am happy to be working as a journalist.

So when May rolled around and we stared at the reality of turning a year older, we decided to celebrate with a couple of weekend getaways.

In fact, it took us two weekends and 1,000+ miles on my hubby’s Corolla to celebrate our birthdays in May.

At the beginning of the month, we took advantage of my 3-day weekend (a prelude to my 10-day work week in the newsroom) and drove to Lake Tahoe. We left the chains behind and looked forward to hiking on the cliffs next to the lake, all under sunny skies.

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Ordering seafood in Baja

COVINA,CA – Move over, Rachel Ray and forget about $40-a-day.

My hubby and I enjoyed fresh fish, beer and beautiful beach views in Ensenada for $20.
God bless the 12 pesos-1 dollar exchange rate.
Ceviches de Camaron from Los Primos #fb
As part of my birthday weekend, I wanted to make this picture a reality: watching the waves crash as I enjoyed fresh fish on a Mexican beach.
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Weekend of Eating

(Side note: The job hunt, social media video projects and Google Reader distractions have pushed me behind on this blog and my little videos. I’m playing catch-up. I’m also grateful for everything that’s keeping me busy while I live a life of leisure in Cow Town)

Good times in Vacaville: We rang in the New Year at home with our friends. Our last meal of 2009: Beer-can chicken, salad, garlic bread, lasagna and plenty of sparkling wine & beer.

My Fierce Men for New Year's Eve. Wooby  Tom  Mark and Andrei #fb

When we hook up – that usually means plenty of good eating and drinking. Someone said we should spend the New Years weekend eating every three hours.

Mission Accomplished.

On the first day of 2010 – we had something to satisfy meat lovers, savory cravings and sweet teeth. I loved the scent of bacon grease and sourdough pancake batter taking over my kitchen. My Daisy enjoyed watching Mark and Andrei work off the cork on the bottle of Barefoot Brut Sparkling Wine. We had to have our mimosas with the first meal of the New Year.

First Day of 2010 from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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