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Weekend of Bacon

This weekend, Susan introduced me to Guanciale.
Love at first whiff.

2 Pounds of Bacon and Guincla. Getting ready for pasta goodnesss
In San Francisco, we fried up 2 pounds of porky goodness last night. The fatty smoke warmed up the kitchen and left our clothes smelling yummy.

Pasta, Mushroom and Wine
After saving all the juicy guanciale and bacon fat, Susan showed me how she did Pasta all Carbonara: raw eggs, Parmesan cheese, fried bacon bits and of course – all that rendered fat. We also baked garlic bread and sauteed some mushrooms and onions with garlic salt, thyme and butter.

It all added up to a delicious, hearty, gourmet dinner in the Mission.
Pasta alla Carbonara

Good times.

Fall Flavors 2009

Finally. December.

I’m trying to keep track of all the amazing food we sampled over the past few months. So far, I have tweeted several gourmet experiences. Now – I’ll try to sum up some of those dining adventures, beyond 140 characters.

We did a Thanksgiving Lunch at the Bistro in downtown Sonoma. I needed a relaxing afternoon after spending 10-plus hours in the newsroom. This Charcuterie plate had a lovely mix of foie gras, pork tartine and sausage. I loved spreading the rich foie on white bread.

Davis Dim Sum
We continue to head east for comfort food in Davis. I enjoy the handmade noodles from the Noodle House. I always order these dim sum plates as appetizers: pork BBQ buns and onion pancakes. These hearty flavors fill me up on a chilly autumn day or soothe my stomach after a night of drinking.

Chicken Fried Bacon
In Berkeley, we celebrated Scott’s birthday at T-Rex BBQ. I had to try the chicken-fried bacon. Crazy! A bit chewy and I managed to sample some hints of bacon goodness in this hor d’oeuvre.

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Photo Friday: Fast Food

I have a lovely three-day weekend ahead of me. I’m helping my best friend tie the knot in San Francisco.

So…I have some time to show some lovin’ for Photo Friday.

BBQ Buffalo Burger
The topic: “Fast Food.”
I have a healthy/gourmet twist to that theme with this BBQ Buffalo Burger. It’s from Burger Me in Truckee. It has this amazing hearty flavor and it’s all lean meat. The tangy BBQ sauce also hit all the right spots for me.

Have Meat? Will Grill!

Meet the Baconator on Twitpic What happens when you combine 2-pounds of bacon, chorizo sausage, spicy Italian sausage and a new grill? A Bacon Explosion! I found out about this amazing culinary invention from an anchor I worked with in Topeka. She’s now reporting at one of the best stations in Kansas City. I’m also amazed people were willing to grill in the middle of a Midwest winter. Brr…

“It makes you feel a little dirty…but it’s good,” from a KC bacon fan.

He’s right.
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Gourmet Flavors on Valentine’s Day

We did the Wine and Chocolate Festival last month in Lodi. This is becoming a tasty Valentine’s Day tradition!

Wine and Art
We stumbled on some new wines, art and of course, yummy bites of food. At the Vino Piazza, the wine server let me go behind the wine bar to get a closer look at these sketches from Dumbo. He said the animator was a big fan of Lodi wines.

This is a look at the drive into Lodi’s Wine Country on Highway 12.

Valentine’s Day in Wine Country from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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Musical Notes

We had the Alanis Crow Project on our morning show this week. They added a sophisticated, peppy vibe to their cover songs of Alanis Morissette & Sheryl Crow. Get it now? Alanis + Crow??? Obvious, I know.

Concert on the Patio from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

They’re performing at this weekend’s Rhythm and Ribs at Raley Field. We also sampled some of the ribs on our morning show. I love doing BBQ for breakfast.

Turning back to the music vibe…I finished episode 25 of my podcast. It’s a quirky mix of music by Deerhoof, the Killers, Flight of the Conchords and more.

Click on the “Listen Now” link and let me know what you think!