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Wrangling Puppies

She’s too unruly to compete for “Best-in-Show.”
She’s too much of a lap dog to race after a dog agility title.
And she’s way too pretty for “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in Petaluma.
#kvpweekend : Sleeping in with my baby.
However, she’s perfect for cuddling.

Daisy is also my walking buddy. I tweaked my ankle during a long run. Now, I’m trying to nurse it back to health with an ankle brace. That means less runs and more walks around the lake with the dog. She loves it.

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Photo Friday: Crimson

Feels like summer in Fremont. 83 Degrees.

Our rose garden is thriving the East Bay.
Photo Friday : Crimson
This is my entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Crimson.

These yellow buds have hints of crimson.
Nosy dog in rose bushes
And in the background, my curious Daisy, sniffing out the blossoms and picking up thorns.

Stay Daisy Stay

Lake Elizabeth has plenty of beautiful spots for photos. I spotted a field of daisies and thought of my dog. It should have been a quick shot with Daisy and the flowers.
But this is my dog. It was a bit of an ordeal.

First – I needed her to face the camera. Mark held on to her leash while I snapped away at our four-legged model.
Distracted Puppy
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