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Viva la Tour!

Insert Christopher Walken joke here…
Got cowbell?

My hubby and I watched the best cyclists in the world tackle two stages in the Amgen Tour of California

In Livermore, we found a bar next to the finish line. We watched the cyclists wrap around Mt. Diablo. When we saw them cross the city border into Livermore, we squeezed into spots next to the finish line. The ultimate racing rush for fans – watching the cyclists tear through the finish line. I’m amazed by how close we got to the race.

In Sacramento, I covered the Tour from the newsroom.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I gave up on my Droid X. I was fed up with the freezing and corrupted photo/videos. Also, phone rebooting without warning – not cool.

I dived back into geocaching when I switched to the iPhone. I missed the hunt. The mind puzzles tickled me.
Quarry Park Geocache
I believe the best part about geocaching: exploring places that were off my radar. We spotted this cache at Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay.

Pretty Geocache!

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands.

Worlds Collide

Colleague: “You should join me for the Off the Grid food truck event by Fort Mason.”
Another Colleague: “I’d love to see you at our karaoke party in JapanTown.”
Evite: “Host wanted to remind you about (insert friend’s name) birthday coming up.”

I hit the “unavailable” button on the Evite page.
My response: “I wish I could but I can’t.”
My reason: I’ll be sleeping at that time because I need to be back in the newsroom by midnight.

I live in a separate time stream from my friends, family and co-workers. Most people think Friday night is the perfect night to hang out, discover new food spots and catch-up.
It’s just another work day for me.
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Sweet Ride

I enjoyed running in Half Moon Bay. Our downtown bed and breakfast was about 0.75 miles from the Half Moon Bay State Beach.
Horses on Half Moon Bay State Beach
I spotted this horse-riding crew during my run on the Coastside Trail.

Segway Spotted in Half Moon Bay
Some people like using Segways to get around Half Moon Bay.

Coastside Trail
My hubby and I also enjoy driving by the coast.

[Facebook peeps! Watch our drive by the Pacific Ocean by clicking on my blog link!]

Living for my weekends

La vie en rose? I kept it simple for Happy Hour on my Friday. Other people called it Wednesday or “Hump Day.” I called it the start of my weekend.

Yesterday, I enjoyed French red wine, a salmon sandwich and a good book at Cafe du Soleil in San Francisco.
Cafe du Soleil
I watched dogs walk their humans or chase after them on their bicycles. I saw a dad teaching his kids how to ride bikes by the intersection. Another guy blew-up at a couple down the street. Heads swiveled from cafe patrons and pedestrians when his cursing got louder.

This wine bar in the Haight reminded me of my favorite French bistro in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Chicken pate and a French Merlot

Les Amis De Jean-Jacques near Bolshoy pr reminded me of other bistros in Paris.
By Andrea James
[By Andrea James]

Even though it felt like the first day of winter in San Francisco, I wanted to enjoy my wine outside and read Gopnik’s “Paris to the Moon.” I just wrapped up my 8-day work week and I think I’m getting over my cold.

Time to celebrate the weekend.
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Comfort Me with Lobster

I suspect I enjoy menu browsing outside of restaurants more than window shopping at department stores and clothing boutiques.

I enjoy a decent deal off cute heels or a dress. However, I love a good meal. A tasty bite softens the blow of a bad day. Warm soup chases away the chill from a summer storm. A fine glass of wine makes my world a better place, on good and bad days.

Beef Stew
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