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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

“Low bridge, everybody down…”

Mark was tickled when the crew played the Erie Canal song during our boat tour on the Erie Canal.

It was so cool to see the locks open and close on the water way that connects the Niagara River to the Hudson River. According to the boat tour’s website, 35 locks operate along the 363-mile canal. Vessels have been using it since 1825.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

Travel Theme: Ripples

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat: standing next to Niagara Falls in Canada.

We’re back in California after our New York/Canada vacation. My jeans feel too tight after eating our way thru Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal. I need to download all our vacation photos from my iPhone.

I am so happy to have my Daisy back home.
Soon, I’ll need to switch from East Coast time to my graveyard shift.

This is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Ripples.

Bonjour Montreal

BUFFALO – One more bite of Buffalo wings at the Anchorbar inside Buffalo International. We’re flying back to California. I can’t wait to pick up Daisy.

I enjoyed our New York and Canada trip. We spent a couple of days eating our way thru Montreal.

  • We explored the Latin Quarter, Little Italy and Old Montreal.
  • We ate breakfast at Marche Jean-Talon. We did a picnic of oysters, samosas and cider next to the oyster counter at Boite Aux Huitres.
  • Breakfast at Montreal's Marche Jean-Talon

  • We took a boat tour of Old Montreal Port. Rocky waters on the St. Lawrence Seaway thrilled me.
  • We passed by closed boutiques and gay bars along Rue Sainte-Catherine.
  • I prayed a couple of Hail Marys at Basilica Norte-Dame.
  • We indulged in poutine in what some call “fast-food heaven” – La Banquise.

I wanted to stay in Montreal for another week. I loved it!

Together Again

MONTREAL – The rain followed us to Canada.

We spent 7 hours on the road. Drove past the One Thousand Islands. Answered questions at the Canadian border.

Finally, we checked into our hotel in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. Hopefully, the sun will come back for our Quebec trip.

Family Cookout
We got lucky with the weather yesterday. Mark’s mom, Terri, and his aunt hosted a family cookout in Burt, near Olcott Beach.

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Let’s Go Buffalo!

WRIGHTS CORNER, NY – Tim Horton’s coffee and breakfast sandwich for breakfast. You may have seen the billboard for this iconic Canadian donut chain during NHL playoff games. My hubby and I couldn’t believe we spotted a Tim Horton’s ad along the railing at Staples Stadium during the King’s dismal series against Chicago.

The big question on our minds : What is wrong with LA?
The next big question: Where is the closest Tim Horton’s to Southern California?

Ohio, I think.
Beef on Weck

Timbits and peanut crunch donuts may be good reasons for a summer vacation in Buffalo, New York. We’re also here to see family, friends and eat way too much food.

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Buried at Sea

Today, the FBI updated its ten most wanted list.

Yesterday, I found out about the death of the man behind the 9/11 attacks during pub trivia night. Between trivia rounds, I scanned headlines on my Droid for official confirmation. On the way home, my hubby squeezed my hand as we listened to excerpts from the President’s speech on NPR.

Outside the White House.
DC Celbrates Bin Laden Death At White House

Reporting to the American people.

Waving American flags at Ground Zero.
Flags and Cranes

West Point Cadets staying up past curfew.

Live Music in Western New York

After passing by this nursery in Lockport, I think it would be cool to add a Statue of Liberty to my front yard.

Bring me your stony masses. Awesome collection of stone works in Lockport #fb
This was one of the many roadside landmarks we passed by on our Buffalo vacation.

We also had a chance to check out the Artpark in Lewiston. I knew about the spot from Ruth Reichl’s memoir: “Tender at the Bone.” In the 1960’s, the New York Times food critic spent a summer at Artpark. Inside the artist commune, she made a name for herself
by baking some amazing brownies without weed.

Our trip to Artpark was a blast to the past. Thousands showed up for Tuesday in the Park. It’s a free concert series and on that night, Peter Frampton was the headline act.

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On the Niagara Wine Trail

My first week back in the newsroom felt like culture shock. At 2 AM, I discovered our station was at the heart of two major news stories – Jaycee Dugard and the Auburn Wildfires. I did my best to get up to speed. And as one producer likes to tell me: “Write your ass off.”

So, I think I’m caught up with work and all the death and destruction in the world. I’m also adjusting to my new role as the keeper of the calendar. In addition to producing our morning show, I’m now booking guest segments. Chefs, authors, movie stars, snakes and more. Bring them on, I’ll put them on TV. Just check with me on when and where.

I finally had some time to reflect on our two-week trip to Buffalo, NY. I also carved out some time to go over our vacation pictures.

I never had a two-week vacation. I thought it was time well spent. We caught up with our family – swapping stories about life on the West Coast and life in Western NY.

Oh yes, and the rain sucked. So we took advantage of the sunny days with day trips to Niagara Falls and along the Niagara Wine Trail.
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Taste and See

JFK INTERNATIONAL, NY — Sipping a Magic # 9 Ale inside the Jet Blue Terminal. Spicy, hoppy and it has a clean finish.

We have a little bit of a wait for our flight back to Sacramento. We also had a little bit of a delay. Earlier, authorities grounded all flights at JFK because of stormy weather. I am so happy that system moved out of our area. Now I’m looking forward to 90-degree weather and sunny skies.

View over Chippewa. Waking up in downtown Buffalo &  celebrating 4 years of marri
This is the view over Chippewa Street from our room at the Hampton Inn. We celebrated our 4th anniversary in downtown Buffalo. On that night, I introduced a bartender to his first mint julep and we had some amazing gourmet Cajun cuisine at the Shango Bistro near the University of Buffalo.

I love spending time with my hubby and waking up with him. My work schedule has me falling asleep without him. Plus, it was lovely to catch up with his side of the family in Western New york

And from beef on weck to chicken feet – we sampled a staggering amount of food on this vacation.

We logged more than 2,000 miles on the rental car and visited the following states, territories and countries:

  • New York
  • Seneca Indian Nation
  • Tuscarora Indian Nation
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Canada

Viva la vacation!
Now, I miss California.
I’m ready to go home.