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Finding good homes for birds

My first two weeks on the job and on the ground in Newark have been intense. I suspect that’s an understatement given the expectations and accelerated timeline for my site launch.

In fact, I haven’t had time to move. We’re sleeping on an air mattress at our new house, Daisy is at camp and this morning, Newark Patch headquarters is located on our kitchen counter. Bring it on.

Plus – I’m getting to know my neighborhood stores. I’ll have more on a sweet deal for these birds in a moment.
Safeway Sale on Turkeys

I’m also meeting some wonderful people who truly care about this community. They’re volunteering at Newark food banks to make sure all families have a decent meal for Thanksgiving. Donations are coming in – but many places need more food to set the table for their holiday feasts next week.

Over at the Viola Blythe Center, volunteers say they are feeding nearly 220 families for the holidays.

On Wednesday, I got a shopping list from the League of Volunteers. Volunteers say this is what they need for their Thanksgiving meal that serves families from Newark, Fremont and Union City:

  • 250 Turkeys
  • 200 boxes of instant mashed potatoes mix
  • 300 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing

On Thanksgiving, I’m heading home for my family’s amazing cooking. We’re pairing white rice with roasted turkey. I may try to sneak some bacon on top of the bird as it’s getting cozy in the oven. Beef or chicken adobo, lumpia and other Filipino treats share the table with cranberry sauce, bread and Thanksgiving trimmings.

Since I had my holiday meal covered, I figured I could afford to pick up a turkey for the food banks. Thanks to Safeway in Newark, I found a great deal on birds. If you spend $20 on groceries, each 16-20 lb. turkey costs $8.77.

I picked up some magazines, stamps and two heavy birds. Thirty minutes later, I dropped off the turkeys at a food pantry.

I’ve been blessed with a job and this is only a small way I can pay it forward.

What about you?