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100 Happy Days: You Spin Me Round

Our backyard smelled yummy. My hubby grilled salmon on a cedar plank.


#kvpkitchen Smelling cedar plank smoke in our backyard. Grilling salmon for dinner. #foodspotting #fish #salmon #kvpinmybelly

Got to play with. My new Hello Kitty ball at Sea Bowl in Pacifica.


It took me two games to warm-up. I played as “Kitty.” Mark was “Doggy.”

After our third game…
One player nearby hooted: “Kitty kicked doggy’s butt!”

Day 23 of 100 Happy Days.


I know. Long time.

My life at work – all Olympics, all the time. I’m producing the Olympic Zone show. It airs before NBC’s primetime coverage of the Winter Games in Sochi. I’ve always wanted to work on a show like this.

Also – I’m always tickled to see my former coaches by the railing, mentoring the new generation of skating stars.

Outside of the newsroom…

I’m keeping up with my bootcamp classes.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I ended up in the newsroom twice on Independence Day.
Sunrise on July 4
I watched the sunrise over the Bay Bridge after I left the control booth. This view in the lobby is my moment of zen after producing a 90-minute news show.

Sixteen hours later, my Corolla crawled thru post-fireworks traffic on the Embarcadero. Then I walked thru the lobby for my next graveyard shift.

Outside of the newsroom, I like watching the sunset at the Moonraker in Pacifica.
Sidecar and sunset in #pacifica. I love living so close to the ocean!

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.