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Another Key Endorsement

11 Days until the Presidential Election.

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[from the Harvard University Gazette]

I was tickled to see Will Ferrell back on SNL as the Commander in Chief. This opening skit for “Weekend Update Thursday” had me laughing my butt off today.

Ferrell’s impersonation will live beyond President Bush’s term. In January He’s opening a one-man act on Broadway: “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush.”

Good times!

About Job Creation

When I worked on the Noon Show on Monday, I saw Andrea Mitchell’s weekend wrap on the political news. She played a clip from a SNL parody on last week’s CBS Interview with Governor Palin. And she played it side-by-side, with the real interview by Katie Couric.

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[Image from: From: http://www.theimproper.com/]

Bottom Line: Tina Fey and the Saturday Night Live Crew didn’t have to do a lot of writing when it came to this skit.

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A Dog’s View on the RNC

The Race for the White House is on!

We are less than a month away from the first Presidential debate. In the control booth, I had fun working with all our live reports from the DNC in Denver and the RNC in St. Paul…Keeping up with all the juicy sound bites and timing out my morning shows to hit the crazy satellite windows.

On the lighter side of politics: I was also taking predictions on whether Palin would wear her hair up in the tight, pinned-up locks or down, letting those lock hang freely. On the night of her big acceptance speech, the GOP Running Mate reached out to both sides of the aisle and styled her hair both up and down.

Good times.

Also good times: watching Conan O’Brien’s canine puppet correspondent report on the RNC action. I found this clip from Laughing Squid.

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