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Mobile Gym

LIMA – I’m quite happy that I packed my running shoes. I missed my happy post-workout glow.


I mapped out an easy running route during some free time in the newsroom. I daydreamed about running near the Pacific. I didn’t expect all the smog along Ave. Jose Prado in Miraflores.

The air cleared up when I ran down a residential street.
I loved this view from Malecón de la Reserva.

Benches as works of art in Parque del Amour. It reminded me of the beautiful mosaic benches in Barcelona.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Another year.
Another promise to run more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved
These are my shoe prints from yesterday’s 2.5 mile run along the beach near Fort Funston. Funston is paradise for dogs. Tails wagging, balls flying and leashes wrapped around their humans. Clearly, my Daisy would be outraged by her 4-legged colleagues who have embraced the leash-less lifestyle. So, I left her at home for this run.

Running Resolutions
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Lap Dog Panting

Trying to convince my puppy to drink some water.
She’s panting up a storm after our last run by Alamo Creek. She starts strong, but she doesn’t know how to pace herself.

After the Run

Before the run: She’s a furry ball of energy when she sees me in my running pants and tiny socks. After the run, she gives me this look: “What part of “lap dog” don’t you understand?” I know cocker spaniels are typically pampered pets, but Daisy has energy to burn. Plus – she has the sad look on her face when I leave her behind for longer runs.
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Fog in Vacaville

Soupy skies over Cow Town. Kinda like the outlook on my future career.

“Reply hazy, try again,” from the Magic 8-Ball”

Our last walk by Alamo Creek for 2009

Also fuzzy – my eyes. Today, on the Alamo Creek bike/run trail, it was pretty obvious I had weak eyes when I took off my glasses. My spectacles got a little foggy after running more than 5 miles on the trail. Without my glasses, I could barely make out colors and shapes. I certainly couldn’t drive with this eyesight. However, I could move forward on the trail without my glasses.
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I filled up on fresh oysters.
This is part of our road trip to Tomales Bay with my parents. We spent a lot of quality time in the car on the windy Highway 1.

Dozen Oysters

I’ll post more pictures on this foodie road trip soon.

Now I need to work off all the calories! Here are the stats from my latest run by Alamo Creek. On Nike+Runs, I signed up for the free 10 K Training Program. It’s 12-weeks long. So far so good.