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Elvis at John Wayne

Elvis enjoyed meeting strangers inside John Wayne Airport. His owner says he liked the attention.
Elvis and John Wayne

He liked it a lot.
Elvis and John Wayne
Elvis made us laugh when we wanted to cry. Without meaning to, he added levity to a somber occasion. He also reduced TSA agents to baby talk.

TSA agent: “Who has the shaky-shaky?!?!”
Elvis: (Shaky-shaky his hips)
TSA agent: “Who has the shaky-shaky?!?!”
Elvis: (Shaky-shaky his hips, jingles collar.)
That went on for about five minutes.

He offered unconditional comfort and support with every wag of his furry tail.

Inside John Wayne Airport
We said good-bye to my brother this weekend. He’s back on a mission that will make the world a better place.

Then he’ll come home. We’ll be here, with tails wagging.