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Couch on the Freeway

COVINA, CALIF — Watching the morning news. KTLA’s chopper had a cool shot of the Rose Bowl Stadium. It’s all decked out with the colors of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. According to the pilot, choppers are not allowed to fly over the Rose Bowl on Game Day. That’s a damn shame.

A few minutes later, he flew over Highway 134 and showed us a CHP officer dragging a red couch out of the middle of the road.


This is my idea of the perfect winter day: Sunny skies, 70 degrees and people playing on the beach.
Pier at Newport Beach
It’s my last day of my Christmas vacation in Southern California. The other day, I ran 4 miles by Newport Beach. My waistline needs all the help it can get after all the holiday eating.
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