Christmas Lights

We’re heading back to California in a few minutes…

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We checked out at the Christmas Lights at the Plaza in Kansas City. Always a beautiful sight.

I plan on updating my twitter over the next few days. You can follow my succinct notes on our cross-country roadtrip back to California on twitter.

This week went by in a blur. I said good-bye to so many people. I tried to bottle-up all the memories: favorite pubs, sayings, jokes, meals and other things that made me smile in Kansas.

I glowed when our morning anchor liked my writing when I had to sub in for Good Morning Kansas.

I teared up when we said good-bye to our anchor.

I cried in the newsroom when Fally whipped out her accordion and played “There Ain’t No Bugs on Me.”

I laughed when I had to count down my anchor, weather man and sports dude in the middle of their good-bye to me in the last block of my last show.
Didn’t stop me from trying to wrap them before the end of show.

Kansas has been an amazing experience. I’m happy we had the chance to live, work and play in the Sunflower State for the last two years.

Now…Wagons West! Wish us luck on our road trip to Northern California. It’s Daisy’s first road Trip. Um…maybe you should also pray for us and the car.


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  1. Greg Says:

    Enjoyed following you on Twitter … keep us posted on the move. Best of luck to you in California.

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