100 Happy Days: Cusco

CUSCO, PERU – Travel buddies reunited! We hopped on a short flight to the Inca capital of Cusco.

Selfie on LAN Airlines!

A little bit of drama at Cusco’s airport. We couldn’t find our taxi driver from the hotel. Other drivers smelled an opportunity. Thanks to an Internet cafe inside the airport, we managed tracked down our driver.

#kvpperu Lunch with a view of Plaza de Armas. Coca Sours at Limo in #Cusco

Del Prado Inn is next to this beautiful square: Plaza de Armas.

Hotel workers offered us coca tea. It helped me deal with the elevation change. At 11,150 feet, my head ached and it felt like my body was floating.

A coca sour also helped. Pisco-infused with coca leaves. I had my first one at Limo. The kitchen offered complimentary fries and sauces with our drinks. I also fell in love with that green mint sauce. It reminded me of an Indian mint chimchurri.

Finally, I fell for a tourist trap. I cooed at the baby llama. The llama mamas urged me to hold her. Mark snapped some photos. Then we had to pay the llama mamas. It started with a sole. Then they asked for five. Mark dragged me away before they raised the photo op price one more time.

Good times.

Day 48 of 100 Happy Days.

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