she’s so tiny

i watched cspan this morning, after my power pilates – and caught the last remarks by Philippine President Gloria Arroyo… God – she’s tiny! Then again….Bush could be tooo big.


I found this picture off the white house press releases.


after Arroyo got down from the podium (according to my co-worker, they needed to place an extra stool, so that everyone can see her over it) – she posed with Bush for pics and for the military salute. I thought, “she’s soooo tiny!”

It was also cool to see them pose with their spouses – the American First Lady and the Phillipine First Gentleman stood to the left.

It reminded of me of the time I visited my mother’s family in the phillipines.
My brother and I pretty much dwarfed all the women on that side of the family. All that fattening Ameircan food, I suppose. My auntie looked adorable over there. In her shorts and t-shirt, she said that when she comes home – she’s a teenager. This is her, at my lola’s house. Isn’t she cute?

Gosh, I loved my lola’s house…..I don’t remember her visiting me in the states….I was only a baby at the time. But she has pics of me and my brother and even of my mother…..inside the house[it’s only one room], it’s like something out of a paradise fantasy… could smell the sea salt in the air.

someday, i’ll take my mother back there. afterall, her mom misses her.