busy day

plenty of screwed up computers to keep me occupied….

the other day, i had some tech dudes from wurster ask me about the wireless access points. i didn’t feel comfortable giving them the tour of the place, so i told them to email helpdesk and that the chief sys admin dude would help them out.

then one asked , “I don’t mean to be rude, but is it that you don’t know where they are or that you can’t tell us?”

i wanted to smack him down for that one. argh…could be translated to one of two things:
1. you look like a student – you wouldn’t know anything
2. you’re a chick – you DON’T know anything.

asshole. and that’s what i was thinking, given the shitty day i was having.

of course i told him sweetly, “i do know where they are, i’m not at liberty to tell.”

and i was thinking:

you fucking dick – why would i tell you anyways? you’re so old, you probably wouldn’t know what to do once you saw the damn access point. besides, i actually work for living – i haul around cpu’s and monitors and you do what? take little tech tours of other colleges – hoping to be like us. you’re such a biter.
fuck off…..

yeah….lot’s of rage here.