bobbing along…

just signed up my phone number on the snazzy federal do not call registry. in your face phone spammers!

awww yeah!

that feels good….

had a nutty little time in la and vegas, this past weekend. chilled with bijan in westwood….westwood represent! ok – i sound stupid when i try to talk or type ghetto. f-that. bijan, naturally, felt he had to get my brother’s game on. made a yummy discovery of Diddy Riese – for one buck – you can get an ice cream sandwich: two types of yummy cookies with any type of ice cream inbetween – you get to totally customize this treat. One dollar!

let’s see…..i do have a new pbase site for my vacation pix patience – i’ll have the pix posted…eventually.

ok…what more? um….from la – we drove over to vegas…..109 degrees. Hot – so hot, the wind was scalding. we did our best to jump into the hotel areas and avoid walking through the casinos….but ya know ya clothes are gonna stink. no matter what ya do. so, we try to live with it, as best as we good.

we did the hilton buffet – gorged on the shrimp and crab legs. yummy.

gelato at caesar’s forum shops. i found the strawberry gelato had a delightful creamy texture that hit my craving for sweet – but fruity. it was like eating a cup of nestle’s strawberry milk – but these flavor seemed totally more fresh and more like real fruit.

jello shots at the stratosphere – one dollar! the dude was quite sweet – asked to see my id – and proclaimed that “you don’t look that old.” um…a compliment, but also a curse…argh – is 25 too old? he also didn’t top off our shots with whip cream. phooy.

dirty vodka martini at cleopatra’s barge (in caesars). i was jonesing for something hearty and this drink usually does the trick. our egyptian handmaiden served up our drinks quickly – didn’t bother carding us….well, according to my brother – he was carded and asked if the two ladies with him (my cousing and me) were over 21 – he said yes. i would have been ticked off he had said no. the band (i think they were pinoy) had a classic, cheesy rock kick….so much to Mark’s chagrin – they headed up a long Journey set…Mark was sweet enough to slow dance to journey (david and jenny proceeded to steal out seats)

why Vegas? why now? my Ate’ Gigi just went through a divorce…we found out her husband was just a jerk. a really mean jerk. I just wanted to make sure she knew how to protect herself….so i told her what happened to me, back in April.

i love my family.