ok…something funny first

well – before i get any more depressing….here’s something funny:

Super Karate Monkey posted this bit about a Trogdor reference in the very last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer…..

It figures Trogdor would make it as a character in a D & D game….

now on to a sad revelation….

it really doesn’t matter, does it? no matter what i do – i’m stuck with the trauma….and he’s out there. it doesn’t matter how normal i act, because there’s always one more rug for someone to pull, to bring me down, to pull my world apart. there’s nothing i can say, to make people understand how fucked up i am – and when it comes down to it….i don’t think many people would listen….unless i pay them, like my therapist – or they’ve been my friends before i graduated from college. those people….three…..three people in the world can actually listen and be non-judgemental of me, when i fall apart.