conversations with jediwes

(2003-10-01 16:26:33) jediwes: pika pika
(2003-10-01 16:28:38) jediwes: heh, i get a mention!
(15:21:32) queenkv: a mention?
(15:21:34) queenkv: for what?
(15:21:51) jediwes: in your blog
(15:21:54) queenkv: you?
(15:22:03) queenkv: i’ve talked about you often…
(15:22:04) queenkv: silly

(15:22:25) jediwes: didn’t seem like it
(15:22:31) queenkv: let me see
(15:24:13) queenkv: results of searching for Wes in my blog
(15:24:13) queenkv: dork
(15:24:55) queenkv: see!
(15:31:35) jediwes: 😛 all cameos
(15:46:23) queenkv: did you see that?

(15:46:29) queenkv: i talk about you….alll the time!
(15:46:46) jediwes: it pulls up all the north’wes’terns too silly
(15:47:30) queenkv: hahaha
(15:47:41) queenkv: that’s funny
(15:48:11) queenkv: how are you?
(15:48:14) queenkv: when can we hang out?
(15:48:54) jediwes:
(15:53:44) queenkv: wha
(15:53:50) queenkv: why are you avoiding me?

(15:53:56) jediwes: no i’m not

posted this on my ediets support group board….

“it’s difficult because my ex – well, he’s known me the longest up here in the bay area – he saved my life once, when i was sucidal. he took off from work to take care of me, a few hours after my trauma. now, he’s pulling himself out of my life, for the peace of mind of his girlfriend – at least that’s what I suspect……i know he’s busy with his family, his mom’s new place, and well – his love life. it makes me sad – but i’m trying to accept it all. i don’t want to be the cause of bad blood and heck, maybe someday, we could all hang out together. but for now…it looks like i’m losing my best friend.”