the strong, the proud, and those quick hands…

mercury sent me this news byte from Yahoo! News – Canadian Beats World at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“Treading a thin line between silly spectacle and serious sport, the event drew a crowd of about 900, including many bemused spectators who wandered, with drinks in hand, among a slew of local and international media. “

Awww yeah! Rocks, Paper, Scissors Smack Down! I would love to see something like this on WWF or Spike TV – most likely though, someone’s going to get bloodied, or a chair thrown at them, or have some clothing ripped off….

In the Philippines – I remember playing this game with my nephews. Instead of “1,2,3” and then throw – they did something like “Ro, Sham, Bo!” and then throw.

In elementary school – I remember some poor losers would toss down diverse arsenal of stuff – rifles, rocket launchers, hand grenades….of course – any of that stuff would have demolished my rock, paper, or scissor. It was almost as bad as playing cooties in class. Up my row of desks – students would pass on the cooties to person in front of them – starting this chain reaction of cootie infection. When I would toss it to the next person – I think it was Victor (he was really crazy) he turned around slowly and showed his crossed fingers – the only defense against the cootie assualt. Of course, he could have simply had this fingers crossed quickly after I tagged him – but my young and stupid mind couldn’t figure that out at the moment. I also tried passing it to the folks siting on my sides, but they said they weren’t playing. Screw them. So, I spent the rest of my day, stuck with the cooties. When I tried to toss back at those idiots who infected me, that I wasn’t playing, they would retort: “It doesn’t matter, you still have the cooties.”

Hell, American kids can be so diabolical in their childhood psyche out games. No wonder I have such little trust for anyone. You’re all going to give me cooties!

I’m not playing!