reality TV getting into my dreams….

ok – maybe it was the stuffing or the mashed potatoes….or both! i woke up confused….a little disturbed…..and with a lot of gas…..

the first part of dream was in a reality TV show – this guy was traveling across the US – from NY to CA – to prove to his girlfriend in LA – how much he loved her. The producers of the show had a meeting with him in Arizona – they outlined the final leg of the trip. They wanted him to finish the trip, walking. He thought they were insane – but he was finally convinced that it was a good idea. He could picture himself droppping at her feet, as he entered LA. The producers said, well no – they had planned on cleaning him up, before he meets her – they didn’t want to gross her out.

the next part of my dream took place in Alfred Hitchcock’s house. It was a very goth affair – and his two adult children joined us for dinner. There was a creepy butler, but he looked like the one from Joe Millionaire, Paul.


[ from fox’s joe millionaire]

We kept talking about his movies – anaylzing them. There was also a billboard cutout of an actor from one of his movies, standing near the wall. According to his kids – this was a magic billboard that granted wishes, in a diablolical way. Hitchcock was thinking of a wish, that couldn’t be granted in a diabolical way.

Some how, the billboard disappears – and Hitchcock was quite sad. He son ended up in the house’s attic – which looked like the upper wings of a theater. He found a similar billboard – but he wasn’t certain if it had the same magical properties. Two other people were trying to grab the billboard away from him – he wished they would go away. They did and plunged to their deaths from the creepy attic area.

Then it was desert time. The butler served these peach tapioca thingies. The kids confessed to me that they were worried we wouldn’t get out of this house alive. They thought Hitchcock was a little too wrapped up in his movies, and wanted to be one of his insane killers.

The butler had also mixed up a sleeping posion in the kitchen. He dipped the daughter’s mice into the mix and fed them to her cats. The daughter said it was difficult to give the cats a bath, when they’re awake. This way made it easier. The kids had me freaked out – so they convinced me to take that sleeping poison and give it to their father, somehow.

I noticed Hitchcock in the kitchen. I took a small pushpin and dipped it into the sleeping poison mix. Then I walked up to Hitchcock, took his hand, and stuck the pushpin into his flesh. When I looked up into his face, it wasn’t Hitchcock – it was the sensei from my Hankido Club…….I felt ashamed.

The kids brought me back into the living room – a documentary was playing about the man who owned this house – their father. he was a nazi sympatheizer. The film kept cutting between all the world leaders, who were his buddies – and they were trying to speak German to him, and scenes of chaos, from outside the house. Some of the world leaders featured were Churchhill and Eisenhower, both trying to speak German. Then the film reveals what the chaos outside of his house, centered on. He led a mad crowd to overpower his parents. He wanted to crucify them.

I ran out of the house….

What a freaky dream.