theme thursday – discipline


my brother is one of the most disciplined human beings i know. instead of taking the ROTC route – he first enlisted with the National Guard – and then spent a few years to become an officer. i remember him, whenever i feel like letting myself slack – from duty, from work, and from myself. not just in the army – he studied so hard in college – it broke my heart to hear how some asshole jacked up the curve for the rest of his class – and despite all that studying – it only made him average. that sucked. but it didn’t break him. he inspires me to be strong.

i think he got it from our mom – whose also pictured here. she’s the strongest woman i know – she left everything she knew behind, in the Philippines – for a chance to make a better life for her family – for my brother and myself. she works so damn hard – and she never makes any excuses for herself.

from theme thursday: December 11, 2003 – Discipline – Joy sent in this week’s theme. She wrote, “From the most excruciating military training obstacle course to the simple annoyance of your alarm clock — we all encounter the need for daily discipline as part of our survival. Is the first image that comes to mind The Citadel or a pile of dirty dishes or something else?”