stil sunny….

i unloaded the truck this afternoon with my dad…he said i drove to slow and that it wasn’t such a big deal to drive a ten-foot truck. he said he once drove a truck at his old job….this was back when unocal was laying everybody off. he was one of the few people left unscathed by the massive lay-offs – he was absorbed into another department. some asshole tried to go off on a power trip on my dad – insisted he drive a truck down to another location. it was manual and my dad didn’t know how to drive stick. the asshole didn’t care. so – my dad drove the truck down imperial highway. thankfully, he didn’t get killed on that trip.

the asshole ended up losing his job – for putting my dad in such a dangerous situation.

i also had an odd dream the other night.

i was in vegas – and it was late at night…..but the sun was still shining out. wes was dragging me and some other folks from one casino to another – waiting for the jackpot to land in his lap. i just about had it, with all the walking. as we stepped into Caesar’s Palace – i saw Mark and Gau and more friends. I was happy to see them, but I didn’t want to do anymore gambling. i was about to head up to my room – then mark grabbed the back of my pants and spun me into his arms. it felt wonderful to be hugged by him. he grabbed so hard, that the elastic broke in my waist band – and my pants almost fell off. i was giggling – it didn ‘t bother me that he almost ripped my pants off. he convinced me to follow his group into the casino. i walked for a bit – but my legs were killing me. i lagged behind too much and lost them. i stopped by an appetizer table and ate a sausage wrapped in bacon.

a cocktail waitress said they’re probably heading to the other side of the casino – to the younger crowd. i convinced her to drive there and show me where it was. we stepped out of the casino and drove to the back of the casino. i couldn’t find a place to park my car. there was some spaces at the edge of a ravine. my car transformed into a scooter – i convinced the waitress to jump down the ravine and i would roll my scooter to her, so she could park it. on the left side was a handicap space. on the other side was scooter parking. so that’s where she parked it.