we were watching national lampoon’s xmas vacation….

but now jennie wants to watch nemo again…..and then she popped it out again……um…i think i got her a little annoyed.

it was quite lovely today….we headed over to coronado with my parents – big military town. apparently the rest of san diego use to be all military, all the time. coronado looked cute, in a very newport way. we had breakfast at the hotel del coronado – site of marilyn monroe’s some like it hot. i just saw this film a few months ago – i remember when monroe’s girl band arrived at the hotel del mar and when tony curtis scaled the hotel walls to sneak back into his room. funny movie.

the hotel was decked out for the holidays – hopefully i can get those uploaded – i forgot the stupid usb cable in my car. but i did get my dad’s snazzy new phone to send me this pix.



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