vegas baby…..78 degrees…

it’s raining in So. Cal…..the forecasters are calling for a wet Xmas….kinda disappointing – since I hoped for one more winter with sunshine and palm trees….maybe cali’s sad to see me leave the state πŸ™‚

I went to Vegas this weekend. I also visited my second Fry’s this weekend…..sheesh….I’m lookin’ lika geek πŸ™

my cousin bought a house in vegas and her mom’s visiting from the phillippines. she likes to keep the house temp at 78 degrees.

real estate is so damn affordable in the desert – and hell, it’s not that cold out in Nevada…..i have to remind myself about the scorching temps during the summertime….that should be enough to end that temptation to re-locate to Vegas, after graduation…..we had dinner at the flamingo hilton – we only went through the casino for about 15 minutes and my clothes are now pretty much unwearable – too much damn smoking.


my cousin has a new man in her life – freddy – he’s the cutest little terrier…..her college instructor found freddy on the freeway – somebody just abandoned this dog out there – and it was a miracle he survived. so her teacher offered him to anyone in the class and my cousin volunteered. he’s about five year’s old and totally trained. he’ll stay when you ask him to stay and he won’t potty in the house. freddy’s still pretty insecure – he starts growling if you try to put him down, after he’s been cradled in your arms for a bit.