i finally remebered one :)

in the middle of my editing final and i’m freaking out. banging my head on the desk. what is wrong with me? i must be editing at the 7th grade level, if that’s what the average reader is taking in news at that level….

freaking out….

chewing on some cheddar bacon chips….150 calories. not bad.

freaking out….

i held on to my dream this morning. i forced myself to stay in bed until i got recall at least 70 percent of my dream.

first i was shopping with my parents and jennie at cost plus. jennie and i read about $10 givency bracelets. we raced around the store to find them. we found two, one was broken and the other was beautiful – white glass flowers as charms.

another dream where i was excused from an orientation. i was with 2 other broadcast students and we were suppose to take a while at some other media event. it finished early and we returned to the orientation. the instructor looked annoyed and couldn’t believe we were finished.