turned in my last story

finished….finally finished….

we still have to go into school – for two more lectures…..and a conference with my professor. the worst that could happen – he tells me i shouldn’t quit my day job.

the girls in my group didn’t kill each other. we had fighting words. one girl was trying to explain how these sources didn’t mean to use the word gentrified…..but i was the one who interviewed them. they used that word. so i snapped back that i did the interviewing and that was a word they used.

then she got upset…saying, i don’t appreciate you using that tone with me….she went on to claim she never used that tone with anyone else. that she never raised her voice.


the problem in my group, sometimes they couldn’t hear what they were saying….

so – i apologized and then i pointed out to her, that yes, you did use that snapped tone with me and other girls in this group.

she didn’t say anything else, but i think she was still upset and it’s possible things are not cool between us, anymore.

i almost went on to say that she should listen to herself speak sometimes – because it went beyond what was professional and assertive. it became downright loud and condescending.

hey – i know it’s not right, but i’ll dish back the attitiude, if i have to. at the point, i felt like i had to or else i would be ignored again. it’s sad that had to come to that, but i felt that it was necessary.

i know it’s difficult to accept your flaws, but don’t try to deny them. not in front of me.

thank God we’re finished.

my professor complained that he didn’t see us for an entire week. i told him we did better working in our own homes…..

i hate working in groups.