wes is a dork

so – when i dated wes – a very long time ago

i had this dream he studied with a hot korean model, sung hi lee, who was doing her engineering degree at berkeley. at first, it was platanoic – then they ended up hooking up – behind my back.

in my dream – i saw them kissing at sather gate. i was crushed, or something like that. i ended up running away and into moving traffic and telegraph and bancroft.

after the funeral, my parents sued wes and the model for my wrongful death.

i was stupid back then….

then i had this funny – if not blunt, im conversation with wes, today…..he told his current gf about my dream and she thought it was funny…

[pix from http://www.sung-hi.com/]

jediwes: she doesn’t have the same problems with the adult world as you do
queenkv: screw you

jediwes: i just call them how i see them, right?
queenkv: not really
jediwes: lol, you always had an issue with that … all threatening to toss out my collection and such …
jediwes: a girl would have to be crazy hot for me to consider tossing them out … in which case, she’d be good-looking enough to not have insecurities about them …. heh
jediwes: 🙂
queenkv: you’re wierd
jediwes: lol … and yet you went out with me anyways … … for too long to claim it was temporary insanity …
queenkv: you’re really wierd

jediwes: hi pot! this is kettle – ‘you’re black’
queenkv: screw you!
jediwes: lol …..
queenkv: yeah, i guess that was funny

no…..he didn’t….

queenkv: nope
jediwes: denial isn’t just a river in egypt, you know….
jediwes: 🙂

jediwes: pushed your button?