i don’t feel like working right now

slacking…watching TV….turned in some work for Haas…..

last night, I dreamed I worked at a grocery store. It was Valentine’s Day and i was dressed in a pink dress. I had white wings and I assume I was playing the good angel. I had a white blanket up set-up near the vegetable area. There was other angels set-up, a brainy one in aisle 1….a naughty one by the fruit section.

Then, I was wanted for murder.I changed into street clothes and tried to blend with the other shoppers. I found an exit with a fat officer guarding it. I shielded my face with my hands and snuck by him. I felt shots whizzing by, but no one ran after me. I found a forest clearing. There was fog, but I found a twisty path. It led me to my Auntie Nellie’s house.

She let me inside.

She sat me down at an oak table. She gave me some tea. She asked if we should call my mom. I said no, I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t sure if my family was part of the search party.

I asked if I was interupting anything. She said no, she was only transmitting.

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