mark’s coming in for my birthday…

and i’m waiting for this flight to come in….the wait is driving me crazy.

i had a dream that Wurster Hall was on the Northwestern campus. It was the day of our broadcast writing final. We sat around a square table. We had to turn our last compairson papers on CNN Headline News and a network news broadcast. My paper was printed in blue ink because my printer ran out of black ink. This ticked off my professor and she insisted i e-mail her a black ink copy or print one in black ink from a school computer. I said my paper is saved at home. She said I’ll have to go back and get another black ink copy to her. I asked if I could do it after the final and she said no.

I left in a huff. I climbed down a neverending spiral staircase. My intro professor followed me down the stairs, with another professor. They’re now copy editors for our Chicago newsroom. They talked about the other people in my Econ class, and they didn’t notice I could hear them.

I made it out of the building and walked towards Sheridan. One guy from broadcast was waiting to cross the street. He said he already finished the final. He was in a good mood and I hated him for it.

I crossed the street and headed back to my dorm room.