a little message about comments and somebody else’s dream…

…hmmm…some people just have it out for Sen. John Kerry. I wanted to see what these ads were about after reading a Tribune article where Sen. John McCain defend’s Kerry military career. I know they’re friends, but I’m impressed by McCain’s loyalty that crosses party lines.

ok…I also got a giggle from the new facelift for the dancing baby – he had a cameo on Ally McBeal…and now he’s just Republican tool….

ah yes…comments on this page….MT Blacklist does not work with the new version of movabletype. And I can’t get the type key comment system running because I’m missing a perl mod on my domain. So….these version of movabletype as a function to preview and approve comments before I let them get posted. That’s what I’m doing now….in order to avoid the fucking spammers…you know who you are….I bet you’re a bit miffed your fucking scripts couldn’t blast my blogs with your ads for Go knows what.

That’s my middle finger at ya – fucking spammers.

So…for the cool people who want to leave a thoughtful comment…you will experience a delay in your comments being posted – until I review them. I’ll try to login on a regular basis to review comments – but I am in school and I have life outside of this blog.

thanks for your understanding on that. screw spammer…die spammer die.

as for that dream…

yesterday, our professors named the producers for the two shows that will run our final projects. I’m one of them :0 Sweet! This will look awesome on my resume tape.

During our producer meeting, the other student producer said he had a dream about meeting my boyfriend. He said it was very surreal and that he a good conversation with us. Then he turned to me and asked if it really happened….I guess it was so normal of dream that he confused it with a real memory….it’s kinda cool when the lines between our dreams and experiences blur a bit….a little scary….if you’re older and losing your marbles…but for now….life can be a dream….you can indulge in all the pleasures….and distance yourself from all the pain – if you think about life as a dream…

then again, denial is a river in Egypt.

last night…Mark and his cousin Nate hanged out with Susan and Tom…

I bet they had fun….damn…I miss hanging out with our friends in SF…I wonder how much Mark and Tom flirted with each other 😉 Sometimes they can’t keep their hands of each other….

Mark, I’m joking. Settle down.