on bended knees…

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I flew into SFO – yesterday….Mark wanted to do dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf….I said sure….We had yummy Italian pasta and seafood at Aliotos…We could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Ghirardelli sign from our seats….before we sat down, he insisted on sitting to my right. I didn’t think it was weird…

I’m a smart girl, I should have been able to connect the dots…

we lingered over chianti and moscato….he wanted to get desert at Ghirardelli…We wandered over and talked about our first date. We climbed up the steps – walked past the fountain of mermaids….and headed up to the gaezbo…We could see the bay and the people in the Ghirardelli square….It’s a nice place to kiss…until some tourists decide follow in our footsteps. Mark mentioned something about being crowded. Then he wanted to take a walk on the beach.

We climbed down from Ghirardelli and crossed the street….We headed for the waters. We chased the waves and they chased us back.

He said he was sorry we couldn’t be together for our anniversary next week. He said he got me something instead….then he got down on one knee and pulled out a black box. He opened it up and showed me the beautiful ring that we picked out a few months ago.

“…will you marry me?”

“yes, totally….”

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more than a year ago…I walked on the water – broken by abuse and wondering if I could ever believe in the future….last night – I was able to let myself be happy…I was able to dream about my future with Mark. We were thrilled.

It was the best night of my life.

We’re getting hitched next year.