fashions synching up with the seasons

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In Cali – I loved my skirts…

In Chicago – I had to bundle up…

In DC – I had to bundle up and make myself look professional….

Currently 47 degrees outside….it’s balmy….maybe I can work on getting my tan back.

I had a cold. I felt miserable yesterday….and I had a cold sore…it hurt so bad that it was difficult to talk…at times. Today – I was able to breathe out of both nostrils…so I think my cold is gone. Yeah.

I figured it was only a matter of time before I came down with the same damn cold as Mark and the rest of my class. The newsroom was one big incubator for germs. I suppose I was lucky. It was only a one-day sickness deal. I’m happy I can breathe normally and that my throat stopped collecting phlegm.

Funny coincidence. Mark got sick after one of our disagreements….then I got sick after another fight this week…ok…maybe it’s connected. Mark mentioned something about karma and stuff….I told Mark – the moral of this story: “Don’t piss Kris off.”

Easy – yes?

He’s making coffee for us…he’s learning…

Let’s see…had my mid-term evaluations. Getting a solid B so far. Cool. I still have to work on writing for broadcast…apparently, I should relax a bit and be more confident, when I’m out on shoots. One professor said it sounds like I’m figuring out that I can’t control everything at the scene. I had a nice collection of features (Senator McConnell winning a bet with Senator Crapo on the Liberty Bowl Game) and hard news (Illinois resident reacts to Bush’s State of the Union and proposal for Social Security). I like working on things in advance…and it gives me time to work on the script. Both profs are happy with my work. Then we chatted for a bit about Mark and our plans for the future….I said with his telecommuting gig – he can work from anywhere with an internet connection. I said I could take him anywhere. One prof asked – “So, do you pack him in a suitcase?”

Yes – everyone should have their own Mark! Available in one size only.