mardi gras

last night i had a dream that i was in the middle of producing our news magazine.

We managed to shoot our anchor spots inside this auditorium in the capitol. before we could shoot, a bunch of soliders came in for a de-briefing. they just got back from Iraq. They seemed relieved. In my dream, they wanted to know what our newsmagazine was about. I remained vague about the topics – I knew it was a fluff show and I didn’t want them to look down on our production. They said we should do a piece on their homecoming. I agreed. I knew they had some incredible stories to tell. But it was a fluff show – I tried to change the minds of the other people working on the show – but they didn’t want to make the effort to do anything more meaningful.

So I told the soliders we couldn’t make any more changes. I felt so bad.

In my dream, I also had an interview with one of the Senators. It was part of this office tour we’re shooting. He suggested we do the interview on the mall – facing the capitol. It was dawn.

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