ash wed dream

I’ve had some pretty early mornings – the past few days. We went to the 7 AM Mass for Ash Wed. And this morning – I covered the Illinois breakfast on the Senate side.

We did a light non-meat dinner at Red Lobster – last night.

Then I had a totally weird dream.

I dreamnt I was interviewing one of the members of the blue grass delegation. He said it was close to lunch time – so he invited me to join his staff for a home cook meal – in his DC home. He said it would make for good TV news. So I went with one of our lady photogs to the dude’s home. It was hearty meal and the staff insisted we had a bite to eat. The camera was left on for this entire thing. In the dream, the dude treated both of us like his daughters. It was a sunny day and there was this porch out of something like Gone with the Wind. Then his wife joined us and we had another great profile piece on the family life of a capitol politican.

but it felt weird because everyone was so nice….and treating us like family…it felt like i needed distance – to remain aloof for the sake of journalistic integrity.