Trying to get over a case of writer’s block on my application. Sheesh – you would figure I’d be more motivated to get a job and establish some meaning in my life…..grad school ends in March and all I want to do is go home and sleep.

now….we’re being treated to another round of “watch-me” TV…..this being a newsroom – we have CNN and other news stations available on our TV….I like having it on in the background and watching the headlines….occasionally – I waltz over to hear what Durbin and other politicans from my markets are chattting up on the floor or elsewhere….

of course….for our alpha-female – she checks if we’re watching….when she sees I’m watching – then she figures no one IMPORTANT is watching news – so she turns off CNN

she enjoys popping in her resume tape and making dubs….and thus – we’re treated to another episode of “watch-me” TV – which includes live commentary on her adventures to get the stand-ups – just right. Plus we’re treated to endless bitching over bloopers from Medill Reports. Finally – we have a nice dose self-congrats for primo camera work for her packages.

Thank God. I didn’t think I could get through this day without seeing her face on the TV – over and over and over again

I think I’m going to take a walk outside….all this hot air is making me light-headed.