another skating dream…

we visited Kane and his family in Western PA – for President’s Day Weekend….it snowed a bit, but it was a relaxing trip. We got caught up on our Battlestar Galactica episodes…we missed last Friday because of a party through one of Steph’s artistic friends.

So we played with the kids – I visited my first WalMart Superstore…my God! It’s big…unnecessarily so….and we got a tour of Kane’s brick plant. We learned how to make bricks.

So this weekend…I also had a dream.

I dreamnt I was warming up for another competition – at an outdoor rink. It was a huge rink and it didn’t have as many people on the ice. I didn’t have a coach. I passed my old coach, Sashi, on my way to the railing. He muttered hi and moved on his way. I stepped onto the ice and got my blood pumping with some laps around the rink and waltz jumps.

Then I went through all my jumps. I could still jump. That shocked me. I went over to the board and saw one of my journalism professors. He said he will be my coach for this competition. I told him he didn’t know anything about skating and he agreed. I decided to ignore him and take care of my own warm-up.

I ended up on the far end of the rink. After a while, I realized I couldn’t see anybody on the ice. It was empty. I got off and saw a sign pointing to the competition site. So I jumped off the ice and put some guards on my blades. The competition was held across the street – so I ran over there. It looked like the tiny Ontario rink on Holt Ave. But that was just on the outside….Inside – the ice was Olympic size. I saw my warm-up group. The volunteer was counting the competitors before the competition started. It looked like they were waiting for me.

I was first to skate. I wasn’t scared.

And that’s all…I wonder what it means.