from the past few weekends…

OK – I’ve been slacking on my personal reviews of DC food and movies…so, time to play catch.

A few weeks ago – I had a craving for Indian food…I asked around at the Press Club for some hints…they sent us towards Dupont Hell…I mean Dupont Circle…we found Indique.

Since it’s lent and it was a Friday – Indian food is always a safe bet for veggie dishes. The main entrees went for anywhere between $12-$20…but the small plates were under $7. I had mussels in curry leaves and coconut soup….yum. The soup was rich, chock fully of veggies and the mussles easily slid off the shells. We also split the calamari ullarthiyathe – tossed with shallots, giner, hot pepper and mustard seeds. I snatched a few patties from Mark’s Aloo Tikki….oh yeah, also good….small potato patties stuffed with spiced lentils. Not as filling as I expected – but the patties made a good side dish.

We also saw Sideways by Alexander Payne (same guy who directed Elections with Resse Witherspoon)….This film made me homesick. The two blokes take a road trip up to Santa Barabra wine country, the weekend before a wedding. They took the 101 up to Solvang and San Luis Obispo….they even passed the Peasoup Andersen’s. Lot’s of good memories…and now I want to follow in these guys’ footsteps to all the vineyards they visited. They had this great conversation about wine, between Miles and his love interest. They talked about wine, pinot noir, like the liquid was human.


We also saw Hotel Rwanda – Don Cheadle is awesome in this film!!!

It’s a powerful film – not graphic…but it leaves a lot of the genoicde up to the imagination…especially in that one scene when Cheadle’s character is driving through the fog. It’s a great story about the human spirit…and the motivation to help other people. I’m happy they made this film.

Since Oscar Night is around the corner….here are the movies up for consideration….we’ll know more on Sunday night 🙂

Best Motion Picture of the Year

THE AVIATOR (Miramax, Initial Entertainment Group and Warner Bros.)
Nominees are still to be determined.
A Forward Pass/Appian Way/IMF Production

Richard N. Gladstein and Nellie Bellflower, Producers
A FilmColony Production

Nominees are still to be determined.
A Warner Bros. Pictures Production

RAY (Universal)
Nominees are still to be determined.
A Universal Pictures/Bristol Bay Production

SIDEWAYS (Fox Searchlight/20th Century Fox)
Michael London, Producer
A SIDEWAYS Productions, Inc. Production

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