Representing at Dulles

So, last Friday – I interviewed a beagle working for Homeland Security. Comet’s a detector dog – looking for illegal food. Yes, this is breaking news. I do have some cute pix of this beagle.

As we left the airport – I stuck my pre-paid ticket into the slot. Before I pulled out of the parking lot, while my window was rolled down, I heard someone yell: “GO BEARS!”. I gave him a thumbs up.

My photographer asked if I had something on my car and I mentioned I had a Bears license plate. Then he said it’s nice to hear some lovin’ from Chicago. I told him that wasn’t it. I had a Golden Bears plate. Then he got it.

He got it. We got into a nice conversation about the Bears were robbed of Rose Bowl glory.

Go Bears!

1 thought on “Representing at Dulles

  1. True Blue

    GO BEARS! – it’s the universal salutation for all True Blue Cal alums … kinda like how ‘aloha’ has different meanings/uses for H’awaiians. And it’s Andre’s favorite phrase … speaking of which, where is he?!

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