I think I have the comments working…again….

My domain host disabled my comments script – too much spam. I hate spammers.

So, I did some futzing with the script and some other settings….I also installed MT-Approval – to ensure a more human response on my comments. Also – thanks to the blog Learning Movable Type – for additional instructions to configure the plugin. You all rock!

Yeah! Hopefully friends and human beings can post to this blog now….

I turned off commenting for my DC, Chicago and Eurotrip blogs…simply because they’re not being updated with new stuff….

Spammers and telemarketers are scum….honestly.

I answered the phone at Ate G’s place – last week. A telemarketer wanted to conduct a real estate survey with me.

“Where are you guys located?” I asked.


“Wow, Utah? And you folks want to know about real estate stuff in Nevada?” I asked. My Ate G motioned for me to get off the phone…but I was just getting started.

Then I asked the chick for her website address. She put me on the line with her supervisor. She sounded afraid. What’s the big deal? Why should anyone worry when the subject of your survey efforts (aka me) wants to know more about your company?

The supervisor told me the website address and when I asked for their phone number – he gave it to me.

“Now miss, could we please conduct this survey with you?”

“Sorry, I don’t live in Nevada,” I told him. “I’m just house-sitting for my cousin.”

And he hung up on me. I patted myself on the back and my cousin smile. Not only did the Utah people lose a survey subject – I sucessfully wasted their time on the phone, when they could have been upseting another homeowner in Nevada with pointless questions. I’d like to think of it as my community service for that week.

So, don’t get upset when the telemarketer calls you in the middle of dinner…or something important to you – get to know him or her. Ask them more about their company….hell, if I had a pen and paper – I would have posted the Utah company’s info – on this blog. Next time. Don’t get mad at the telemarketer – get even by wasting their time on the phone.

It’s petty, I know. But damn, it feels good.

3 thoughts on “I think I have the comments working…again….

  1. Darth Advocate

    In a quarter of that time, you could’ve politely let the person know that the house owner was not available and that you couldn’t answer their questions. The people calling probably aren’t proud of what they do, but it is *their job*, and interfering with it/wasting their time isn’t too considerate. Someone probably uses these surveys for something beneficial … doesn’t the media use survey results all the time for their figures? What might be pointless information to you is probably valuable to someone else, and yet you went the extra step to waste their time. I wouldn’t call it community service, but you’re right, petty is the right word for it.

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