No free shoes for you…


Just sat through the reading of the Micahel Jackson verdict. All the networks carried live footage. Soap Operas were interrupted. According to CNN – German, Japanese and Mexican stations had booths set-up with the rest of the media circus.

With the crowd and the extreme number of cops – I was a little worried about another Rodney-King-esq riot….I suppose authorities in Cali figure that’s always a possiblity when you have the verdict reading of a high-profile black man. Then again – OJ’s case went off without a gun bang…so there you go.

Mark and I wondered if any geeks were raring to take a hit at a Best Buy or an Apple Store if MJ riots broke out.

During the Rodney King days – my cousin’s neighborhood was on curfew. I remember classmates talking about hitching a ride downtown to snag a free pair of shoes.

Today – the judge allowed a live audio feed to broadcast the verdict reading. “Not Guilty” on all ten counts.

Kris in Cali: what do you think?
Kris in Cali: is jacko innocent?
Kris in Cali: or did he have kick-ass lawyers?
Wes: after the first 4 counts, i knew he’d get the sweep
Wes: i believe jacko
Wes: i like mike
Kris in Cali: would you trust your children with him on a sleepover at Neverland Ranch?
Wes: nope
Wes: heh
Kris in Cali: really
Kris in Cali: interesting
Wes: he has an unhealthy fixatin with kids, but that doesn’t mean he’s a malicious molester
Kris in Cali: hmmm