Another week in review…

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sleaterk, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Roughly speaking…we’re getting ready to go to Vegas. I havea quick stop at the radio station and then we’re on our way. My dad got plane tickets to Chicago – from LAS….for some reason, it’s about $100 cheaper to fly from Vegas. It’s only four hours away…might as well.

Last week, Mark scored some free tickets to the Sleater Kinney concert in Hollywood. Mary Timony opened for them. She created this awesome lush sound with only her guitar and drummer. Mark said it was like Sonic Youth. We picked up her CD and I liked the studio recording better than the concert. During the concert, most of her tunes kinda mushed into each other…difficult to discern….but some people get off on difficult music. So there you go.

The crowd gave Sleater Kinney a warm LA welcome. This all-grrrl band gave a shout-out to the front row folks who followed them on their West Coast tour. Sleater Kinney’s music blew me away – sharp, loud, catchy and sassy. They rocked. The guitar riffs lifted up the vocals and vice versa. The tunes left me giddy. My ears almost hurt…but in a good way. We also picked up one of their CD’s.

We totally got our money’s worth from this concert…and more.

Parking lots charged around $6.00. Not bad for LA – then again…it was only a week night. We found free street parking by Ms. Hepburn’s star. We had pre-concert drinks and munchies at Hollywood and Vine.

Before the concert – we did a yoga class at Insight Yoga in Pasadena. A little relaxation did us some good before the rockin’ venue. This is the view from the courtyard….where the studio is located. It’s soothing locale – with vines and roses climbing up the brick walls. I think the studio is in what used to be a church. It still has some stain glass pictures and high arched ceilings.

This is out side the radio station where I volunteer. It’s next to an art museum. You can’t hear the street traffic in this place. Even when it’s something like 80 degrees outside – this little garden is like a cool breeze. I haven’t seen any homeless people wandering the campus. It’s so different from Berkeley’s station…..and yet…the programming is similar – alternative…non-mainstream…college radio.

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