LAS – baggage claim + MSJ in tow…

LAS VEGAS — Back in Vegas…viva Las Vegas…just got back from ORD – Chicago O’Hare. As we drove around in the rental car….I shouted out “Whoever has a Master’s degree – raise their hand!” And I was the only one in the car who can do so, with a smile…no less….then again…if anybody in car yelled back at me: “Whoever has a regular salary and job, raise their hand!” Well…I couldn’t do so. Serves me right.

Chicago was beautiful. Evanston – it looks the same….Nine months ago – I took off from O’Hare to go to Europe. I didn’t think I’d fly in again since I planned on returning to LAX at the end of my London residency…this weekend – it was like coming full circle.

Deja vu – I remembered how I felt, nine months ago….full of hope and thrills. Heading to Europe, our global journalism seminar in Paris and then my London residency….Full of promise…so much to get worked up about. I tried to tap into those old feelings as we headed to the gate for our return flight to Vegas. Maybe…maybe I’ll get a call back from those stations…maybe somebody wants to hire me.

I’m currently sitting on the floor, waiting for our two black bags to get dropped out of the carousel. My dad was worried about Ate Gigi being fast asleep and unable to pick us up from the airport…it turns out she was driving around the airport…and her cell phone died.

So things are good – and will be better once we get our bags and head back to my cousin’s house.

Today – we took a boat tour of the Chicago river. The guide gave us a nice run down on architecture and history of the “Second City.” Can you guess why it got that nickname? I will explain when I post up pix from the boat tour. Beautiful day – tank top weather. I also took my family on what looked like a grueling hike from Navy Pier to the Magnificent Mile. My mom bought a sweet pair of Chinese Laundry heels for me. They came in a cute blue-white checkered pattern. My first purchase on the MM.