Recovering from Bay Area Road Trip…

It’s 1pm and I’m still in my DJ’s – I think I’ve hit a new all-time-low for being an un-employed slob. Wow. Typically, I’m up around 7 – my bladder is my alarm clock…then I’m skimming through Vogue or a book, while propped up on Mark, still sleeping. Then – by around 8:30 or so – I have my yoga mat rolled out on the floor and I bend my body into some sun salutations. On MWF mornings – I pop on my iPod shuffle and run/walk to Route 66 and back. On Tuesday/Thursday mornings – I have a 9:30 Cardio Kickboxing class. My exercise has toned up the muscles – but I haven’t lost any weight. Still, I won’t look like an un-employed slob on my wedding day. Thank heavens.

Today is different. We got back from our Bay Area road trip at 1 AM – this morning. I slept in. I figured I could take some time to chill and do my own thing…for now. I’m also trying to back up my iMac’s hard drive with our new external hard drive. The back-up app is in the middle of scanning all my files.

Saturday night was intense. After puking up the sake and sushi – Susan gave me some clean clothes and she tossed my soiled shirt and jeans into the wash. The next morning, I realized I left my cell phone and our Canon Elph in my jean pockets. Of course, Susan felt bad – but heck, she washed my clothes. I was grateful for that. Mark was super-worried about the camera. Understandable – since we used it to capture our Europe memories on that awesome camera.

We figured both devices could work – if we let them air out.

By late Sunday afternoon – this phone turned on and it could call people and recieve calls. Wow.

“It’s a Timex,” Mark proclaimed. He thought his laptop was looking dirty and that he should toss it into the wash, as well.

This morning, I popped in a battery into our digital camera and turned it on. It could read the pix from Saturday night and it could take pix. Wow.

My phone and camera came out of the wash – and still work….after drying out. Wow. I’m impressed. Talk about some well-made electronics….maybe everyone should test out their digital cameras and cell phones with a spin in the washer. Why not?

I miss living in the Bay Area. I loved the smell of the bay – as we drove down the road parallel to the 80. Sunshine, cool breeze and yummy food. I handed delivered some wedding invites to our Newman choir director and my KALX manager. We spend a lot of Sunday at Haas – I did my best to make some resume tapes – but I think my old support group is in the middle of the summer build for the multimedia lab. So I made VCD’s of my resume tapes. Mark pointed ou that my laptop had an S-Video cable – which we could hook up to a S-Video port on a VCR player – Voila! Then I could make VHS copies of my resume tapes.

Sunday – I had some yummy chicken gnocchi from Gypsy’s – just insid ehte Durant Third World Food Court (that’s what we used to call the food court – back from my dorm days). It was my first big plate of pasta and it kept me stuff for the rest of the day. We stopped at the Oasis in San Luis Obispo and I could barely make a dent into my koufta appetizer and my lentil soup. It was a tiny little sauce bowl of soup.

I enjoyed catching up with Lara and Felix. They’re apartment is completely over run with baby toys and stuff – but they look happy. Sebastien kept saying “bye-bye” to us – as if we over stayed our welcome. Cute kid. They’re “churchy” people, in Mark’s words, but they’re also so open-minded and up-to-date on news. We shared our worries about Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s op-ed piece on “intelligent design” in the NY Times. Lord help us. He’s twisting/re-defining the late Pope John Paul II’s comments on evolution.

NY Times – July 9
He referred to widely cited remarks by Pope John Paul II, who, in a 1996 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, noted that the scientific case for evolution was growing stronger and that the theory was “more than a hypothesis.”

In December, Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo, chairman of the Committee on Science and Human Values of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, cited those remarks in writing to the nation’s bishops that “the Church does not need to fear the teaching of evolution as long as it is understood as a scientific account of the physical origins and development of the universe.” But in his essay, Cardinal Schönborn dismissed John Paul’s statement as “rather vague and unimportant.”

I think it’s disturbing and the Cardinal has set the Catholic Church back in it’s world views on science and faith. Furthermore – it’s totally disrespectful to our late Pope. What the heck.

So…back to lounging…time to back up my hard drive.