More from La Jolla

It’s 45 degrees in Topeka…I found a frozen dandelion on my morning walk with Daisy. Mark and I are thinking about some dishes for Thanksgiving. I have to work on the holiday and I want to whip up something that I can prep a day in advance. Mark was thinking of turkey breasts…like our London Thanksgiving. Since we’re still in our sweeps period – it looks like everyone is taking care of the holiday on their own. Work is doing a lunch-time meal on that day…but I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to go back to work. So, it’s just going to be Mark, Daisy and me. An intimate family meal…more or less.

A week ago, I wore a brown bridesmaid dress with straps and sandals. It felt like 60-something degrees in La Jolla for Jennie’s and Scott’s wedding…heavenly.

It was nice to see the traditions of our parents woven into their wedding ceremony.

Chilling out with the father and mother of the bride…and my mom.

I’m tickled they used Omar for their photographer…who did our wedding more than a year ago. I can’t wait to see how the pictures came out!

It was lovely meeting Jennie’s La Jolla people. Megan made sure Jen was comfortable for the ceremony and the reception…they were smart enough to slip into flip flops after the meal.

A new family with the Marzans and Beckers.